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You may have been framed before. Perhaps by your brother when HE broke your mom's favorite lamp and blamed it on you. Or by a coworker when a project didn't pan out and you were made the scapegoat. But I bet you've never been FRAMED like this before!

So what is FRAMED, you ask?

Well, its a photo booth. Sort of. But not really.

Oh, there are photos a plenty. But theres no little box to step into to get them. No curtain to pull. And no start button to push.

Instead, FRAMED is a big white background with studio lighting and plenty of room for you to let loose and have fun in the spotlight (to be captured by none other than MOI!).

It's instant entertainment for you and your guests and can be as serious or as silly as you want it to be. Take a romantic portrait of you and your sweetie or a silly group photo of you and your BFFs doing the chicken dance. Or, get a shot of grandma goin' gangsta up in the place! Hey, they're YOUR photographs. I'm not going to judge! (Heck, silliness and shenanigans are encouraged so much so that I'll even bring a big box of props to HELP you get going!)

And best of all, shortly after your event, the photos will be available to you and your guests online (and they'll be included in your image disk too). No tiny two-inch prints that look like they were taken in 1972 here.

You can get FRAMED! at any party, wedding or corporate event.